Hi there! ^-^

Hi! well, this layout is nice, and it also looks proffessional ^o^. The image is from my computer, hehe. hey, if u hover the navigation links and you concentrate on the flower that appears, you will see that it changes it's colors ^.^

How to use

It is a Iframe layout, so, the page that open first is main.htm. Then, if u want to make new links that show new pages, you have to create that HTM page, and link the button to that page, but in target you must put: main. Example:

<a href="icons.htm" target="main">Icons</a>

you see? hope you understand it ^-^"


well, you now that this is free if you don't remove the credits at the bottom, just leave them there, can u do that for me? ^^ Thanx!

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Hope u like it!